Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your daily grossness

As loyal readers would know, I had my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago. It all went generally well, except one of my dissolvable stitches just wouldn't dissolve. I've tried tugging at it (um, that hurt), poking at it continually with my tongue (that did nothing for my facial expression), and brushing hard over it with my toothbrush.

Alas, nothing. It was determined to stay in there, taunting my futile efforts.

So this morning I bit the bullet and called the surgeon's office, who bade me to come in at once. After a bit of poking around, and fair bit of spitting blood from me into the basin thoughtfully provided, it came out.

Hooray - now even my mouth is Plastic Free Month-ready!


  1. Feeling woozy at the memory. I had to go in to my surgeon because it appeared my sinus cavity collapsed during the operation. Apparently something everyone failed to tell me while I was on the drugs and still looking like a chipmunk. All was well (given I could breath and stuff).

  2. Anonymous3:38 pm

    let's hope that's the end of the wisdom teeth episode. I'm sure you're just as wise without them.

  3. There's always one that just won't dissolve.
    I unfortunately tried to pull it out in the change room of the Myer City Store, only to end up with a mouthful of blood.
    Glad to hear you've fully mended!


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