Friday, October 17, 2008

Home made paper

Since it's going to be a bright and sunny 29 C on Saturday, I was thinking I would spend part of the day making paper for gift wrapping.

Is anybody interested in me documenting the procedure, and making a tutorial? Leave a comment, and if there is a bit of interest then I'll endeavour to cover my camera with as much paper pulp as possible!


  1. I would love that!

    I have been saving up old bits of paper for ages to make my own... I think seeing you do it will inspire me to get off my butt and do it!

    xx Hollie (hokey)

  2. I'm interested!

    I have done it with a paper making kit I picked up at an op shop, but it has a note-paper sized frame, I want to know how you do it, and what you use.

  3. You know what I want to know? How you get that fantastic sorbet colour scheme happening across your papers. Mine look like I chewed on some newspaper and spat it at the frame. Yuk.

  4. Your paper looks really delicious. It would be very interesting to learn how you make it.

  5. I have a kit I got from St. Vinnie's, too, and keep planning on trying out some fancy-shmancy natural fibers stuff....but then I get too lazy at the thought of trekking out there to FIND the natural fibers. :p

  6. Anonymous10:16 pm

    oh yeah, I have that kit too! but I bought it brand new. Sigh.
    Anyway. Yes, do, tutorial away. I'm interested in how you blend. I used a hand blender/whisk thing - you know, the one you wind with the handle? But a friend uses an old electric blender. The former is HARD work, but the latter uses power. Hmmm.
    Please show us how, Jorth!

  7. oo yes that would be great! i'm looking to get into handmade paper

  8. Oh, I just found my paper making stuff last weekend! I used to make it alot, but haven't for at least a decade!!! Anyways, would love a tute, then maybe I can give it a go too. BTW, what do you use to colour your paper? I think I remember using powdered paint?

  9. Hope the tutorial is working out OK. I've tagged you here:
    Please play along only if you want to.


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