Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My kid is a Lego superstar

Dear People at Lego Central,

I read with interest on your website that you are always seeking new candidates who believe in the joy of building, the pride of creation. In that case, please let me introduce my daughter, Grumbles. I know it's hard to believe, but this clever four year old built this helicopter herself from scratch. Amazing!

No, really, it is amazing. I have distinct memories of being in grade 3, and still only managing to build sad, featureless towers from your most excellent product. The kid has surpassed my Lego skill many, many times over. In fact, I doubt I could put together a helicopter now, let alone at such a tender age.

Although, just between you and I, I'm not so sure the pilot is seated in an ideal place. It seems like a sure-fire recipe for decapitation to me.

Um, ignore the manic grin. I'm absolutely positive that's not what she has in mind. She's obviously concerned for his safety, hence the helmet. Really, she's a kind-hearted genius!

Anyway, if you have any need of four year olds who are a whizz with small coloured blocks, give us a call. I'll send her right over (and maybe her Dad, too).

Yours sincerely,


  1. Wow! She should definitely get a job at Lego.

  2. well I am impressed! Look at that smile of achievement!

  3. aww, thanks doll! i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
    have fun lego-ing with little miss grumbles. looks like fun!

  4. am very impressed, mine still just tips the lot out all of the floor then wanders off.

  5. My youngest son is now 12 and he´s still playing with the stuff. We spent 3 days here: http://www.legoland.de/?lc=en
    is spring and he was in heaven.


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