Friday, March 02, 2007

Sweet about my peep

Check out my peep! I got him a while ago from the amazingly talented Sarah at The Small Object (whaddya waiting for - quick, go check her out!), and I have a major case of peep infatuation going on. What's not to love - he's adorable, with that cheeky smile beaming down at me from the buffet. Best of all is how he looks of an evening, when we have the candles behind him going. Speaking of, does anybody have any idea at all how I'm going to get all the melted wax out of the bottom of the candle holders? Ach, it's a mystery to me.

I'm liking this stage of my life. The Galumph and I are finally able, with some careful planning and serious budgeting, to squirrel away some money, and start getting some nice things for our home. After much research and traisping around of shops, we got some new furniture, and my goodness was it a RELIEF to get rid of all the junk we'd had since we were starving uni students (The kitchen chairs with holes in the seats - gone! The blue desk with paint flaking off and broken shelves - gone! The breakfast table that wobbled and had cracked tiles, and was only used as a dumping ground for sewing stuff - gone!). Some of that furniture definitely had some bad energy emanating from it, and I'm glad it's gone. We just dumped it outside of our house, and it disappeared in a matter of minutes. There must be some major second (or maybe, considering how old and beat up our stuff was, 10th-) hand furniture vultures hovering around our street. Anyhow, the old stuff is gone to begin a new chapter, and we've finally got some lovely stuff to keep us company over the years, until we are all old, falling apart, and in dire need of a coat of varnish. And my peep looks awesome sitting on top of our brand spanking new buffet. Rawk!


  1. I put candle votives/holders in the freezer for a day and then the was chips off easily. But your holders look delicate and might not surivie. What about resting them in warm water?

    Peep is lovley and looks at home.

  2. Oh, what a sweet peep. I just got a hutch a few months ago. I enjoy fiddling with the tea cups and what-nots. Congratulations on your new things.

    I never heard of the freezing method, except for tablecloths, and may try it soon, as I just uncovered a waxy glass holder, but setting mine in warm water which may not be hot enough, then carefully making it warmer until it is hot enough has proven successful for me.

  3. Remember that feeling well ( it wasn't so long ago that we became grownups ourselves ).

    Glad everything is going well for you. Did you keep creeping out of bed to look at your new stuf ? ;)


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