Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hold on to your pink bits: actual knitting content!

Yes, it's true - I've been a-knitting! I seriously think the heat must have addled my brain. For there can be no other reason why, in 41 C heat, I would have picked up the needles to cast on for this little beauty. It's from the Phildar Tendances Automne 05/06 magazine. Only available en francais, more's the pity.

Of course, I’m making some mods to it (sounds like I’m talking about a car!). I’m ditching the wrappy belty thing, which really doesn’t work for me on the grounds that (a) I’m not a big look of the ‘jumper tied around the waist even though you're kinda wearing the entire jumper’ look and (b) it would really do nothing for my sad, scarred, bulging mummy-tummy. Stomach. Must. Stay. Hidden. From. View. At. All. Times. Otherwise little children might get scared. Instead, I’ve done about 14cms of knit 2 purl 2 rib at the bottom. Because, you know, when it’s the middle of summer, what else would a body want to do except mindlessly rib-rib-rib-away?

Yes, I am mad. However, this top shall look fabulous in all it’s ribby glory. Huzzah! And I've already completed the back, and am three quarters of the way though the top. Double huzzah!

PS I'd show a progress shot, but I lost the photos - dang! So you'll just have to imagine the black yarny goodness for yourselves.


  1. That is gorgeous! I love the neckline and your mods sound spot-on. Now, I need to find a copy of that pattern...

  2. Thanks, Innernana. You can buy the magazine directly from Phildar (www.phildar.fr) or from www.knitntyme.com

    Unfortunately, this magazine doesn't come with an English translation, so you'll need to brush up on your French!

  3. that looks lovely! what yarn are you using? and how hard is it to translate - you would never know i learned french for SEVEN years and can barely string two words together now :( could once fluent schoolgirl french get me through???

  4. Lisette, I'm using Heirloom Easy Care 8ply from The Australian Yarn Company. The pattern is really easy to translate, especially if you use this page of translations:


    Good luck!

  5. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Great top and i know what you mean about the mummy tummy after having 2 kids, although i didn't notice that yours 'bulged' when i met you!

  6. This will look great on you. I have actually bought some needles the size of tree trunks to attempt something form the Mag you sent me last year. I must now look for yarn and try to remember where I put the Mag!

  7. Merci beaucoup, Jorth. Je vien a l'ecole en voiture.*

    Unfortunately, that is the remainder of my high school french.

    *I go to school by car.

  8. I have seen your picture, and think maybe you are delusional about the mummy tummy, but are no doubt right about the strange, bulky tie. You will look stunning in that jumper. Jumper means sweater?

  9. Anonymous2:20 pm

    bulgy gut? your a nutbag.

  10. Anonymous12:24 am

    Because it looks sensational, that's why...

  11. Listen, who knows what most of us are hiding under our clothes? The fact is, little stick thing that you are, you will look just as good as the girl in the pic.


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