Thursday, March 15, 2007

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Bits and pieces today:

- A few weeks ago when we were riding along the Yarra Trail, we came across this climbing wall that has been built under the South Eastern freeway. How cool is that?!
- Fascinating article in The Guardian about James Lovelock's thoughts on the future.
- Poor old Grumbles came up with an awful itchy rash last evening, which kept us up all night. We raced her down to the doctors first thing this morning, and it turns out she's had an allergic reaction to something, most likely something she ate. I pondered and pondered, and was rather puzzled, as everything she's had in the past few days she eats on a very regular basis with no problems. Then I remembered I made some custard passionfruit scrolls yesterday. After checking out the ingredients list on the custard (preservatives, colourings, flavours... yikes!), my money's on that.
- Bad joke for the week: An inflatable boy goes to an inflatable school with inflatable teachers. One day he takes a pin to school. The headmaster calls him in to his office, and says "You've let me down, you've let yourself down, you've let the whole school down." Bwahahahahah!


  1. Anonymous7:26 pm

    it couldn't have been the paint from the potatoes?!
    and that joke is so bad!!

  2. Anonymous5:02 am

    Har de har har. I've got to borrow that joke if you don't mind.


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