Friday, March 30, 2007

Bored out of my little rabbit brain

Now, I could show you a picture of my finished top, but my husband, bless him, can't take a photo to save himself. Poor fella has a super bad case of camera shake, otherwise known around these parts as 'Parky hands'. I really should stop ragging him about it - his catch cry now is "Tripod! All I need is a tripod, I tells ya!"

So, may I present instead le craft activitie du jour: Bunny Ears!
Well, it filled in 10 minutes...


  1. LOL !
    We say un-PC things around here all the time .. Parky-hands is hilarious

    {Please touch wood, touch wood, touch wood, touch wood }

    Oh, and I get really superstitious and freaked out for taking amusement at such things. I keep waiting to be struck down with MS....

  2. Parky Hands made me laugh so loudly that Charles came over to investigate, wishing to get in on the action. I don't know why it's so funny (!)

    The bunny ears are cute. Brill mum, you must be.


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