Friday, March 23, 2007


Psssst - wanna see my new dress?

Project Specs:
Pattern - Simplicity 4224, size 8
Description - Strapless fitted sundress, with flared skirt and fitted bodice
Fabric - Crappy old 100% cotton that I had lying about in my fabric stash, 2 metres
Notions - 40cm zipper, 1.3 metres elastic for bodice, metallic seed beads and sequinned motif

The best bit about this dress is the attached necklace. Bwahahahah, the number of people who have said to me "Oh, I love that dress, and where did you get the cool necklace?" Get the cool necklace? I MADE the cool necklace!


  1. (Insert wolf whistle here), damn girl you look hot and the dress is pretty cute too!

  2. Anonymous11:26 am

    How do you get the time to do soooo much hand crafting, you make sooo many projects....Im jealous
    Great dress....and necklace...looking forward to seeing the end result of the Etonian Cardie.....

  3. They're spot-on.
    The necklace is to die for ;)

    Cute dress. I wish I could do strapless, but I need a halter to keen my boobs in at least !

    Going somewhere special ?

  4. Anonymous12:29 pm

    A little black dress to call my own... ah, it still remains elusive! One day, one day.
    see you, g
    (Thanks for popping along to Louise & my show at Mailbox 141... gallery hopping down Flinders lane is quite the hike.)

  5. Very cute! You can dress it up or down! Love it!

  6. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Wow, cool dress!! Love the sequinned motif and necklace. (And isn't Grumbles looking cool too! :) )

  7. It is just absolutely gorgeous, and you look so good in it.

    Despite the fact that I'm not exactly HUGE, I found I had all kinds of extra stuff in the wrong places, when trying on a strapless top. Thought I'd best not go there. Shame.

  8. Anonymous10:28 am

    Don't you look fab?!!! Great job on the dress and the necklace - clever girl!

  9. Ah, you look so nice. I love the trimmings you used, too. :)

  10. Lovely!!!
    I´ll be thinking of you when I put on my 5 layers of clothing this morning - more snow has fallen over here.

  11. Divine, just divine.

  12. Wow! Great job, it looks fantastic (and I second the boob comment :)

  13. I've just gotten into sewing clothing (no pictures yet on the blog, but soon, soon I promise!). I love seeing other finished clothing projects. Your dress is fantastic! I'll have to try out that pattern. Thanks for sharing.


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