Monday, October 02, 2006

A very convenient wake up call

Ahhh, watch out for those feet! And mind the camera, honey. Feet, and swings, and fresh air, and sunshine. It was a lovely weekend, full of good things and much laughter (now I come to think of it, her feet aren't such a good thing - they stink!). But a serious weekend, too. The Mothership came up to babysit for us, so the Galumph and I scuttled off (actually, I made him run most of the way, because I thought we were going to be late, but then we got to the cinema 20 minutes early, d'oh!) to see An Inconvenient Truth.

Well. What can I say? Most of the stuff I already knew, but it hit me differently this time, being presented in such an accessable manner, with professional graphs and slides plus an eloquent yet very human speaker. Did you know that the Artic cap is melting so quickly that polar bears are drowning because they can't find any ice to sit on? These are bears that can swim up to 100 kms a day. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I implore you to go, go, go! Or at the very least think about your actions, and the impact that they have upon others. Please. It's easier than you think.


  1. Hmmm, this seems to be on everyone´s mind right now. There are definately things we can do in daily life to reduce our impact on the environment. I´ve just finished reading "Living The Good Life", an aussie book all the statistics were a real eye-opener too.

  2. Anonymous2:25 pm

    It was a truely powerful movie and we as a nation/world have to change the way we do things. I'm glad to say we just installed some solar panels on the roof. What next? get all those SUV drivers to trash their cars for tiny ones? That will be a happy day.


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