Wednesday, October 04, 2006

If you see a woman on the street muttering to herself as her hat flies off for the 14th time, that would be me

The walk to the park today was the best workout I've had in a long time. If I wasn't straining against that incredible head wind (and when I say incredible I mean INCREDIBLE!) then I was diving off in every direction trying to catch our hats before they blew themselves into the city or maybe even Byron Bay.

So now I'm home, and I'm gazing out the window, and can you guess which thoughts are occupying my mind? Washing - that's right, washing! I'm one of those mad people who get very excited over hot windy days because I could do about 10 loads today and THEY WOULD ALL DRY! Never mind the fact that I do a load every day anyhow, and therefore have no need to wash anything because I am so super organised when it comes to washing - it's a hot windy day, dammit! Maybe I could wash some shoes... it's been a while since I've done that. Alas, if only we had some curtains in this place.

Get a hold of yourself! Melbourne is in the midst of a water crisis, and you truly have nothing more that needs washing (yet continues to gaze at the washing line longingly).

Oh, two more things - if you're driving around keep an eye out for cyclists, because today is Ride to Work Day here in Victoria. Also, Rathdowne Remnants has New Look patterns for a measly $5 until the 21st October!


  1. Hahaha! I do that too! Obsessed, I tell ya! This morning, feeding the chooks, I was thinking to myself "gee, it's gonna be a good day for drying". The fiance is always asking (tongue firmly planted in cheek) if I think it's a good day for drying... I really should get out more.

  2. Phew - not the only one!

  3. Anonymous4:16 pm

    I thought that too! I contemplated doing a load of blankets but then stopped myself, because washing means folding (grr). Anyhow I don't think there's going to be any shortage of good washing weather for a while.

  4. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Oh and thanks for the tip off about the patterns. I love rathdowne remnants... but haven't been for a while.

  5. Anonymous11:28 am

    I did heaps of washing yesterday as well, perfect drying conditions, but this weather is crazy, just wait for January,I dare say lots of washing days ahead!


  6. Not having a drier, I am always checking the skies for a good breezy day. Don't you think laundry that has dried outside smells good too?

  7. I don´t have a drier either and it´s raining outside so I´m drying my washing in front of the fire. I think I´ll sit next to it with a cuppa and a good book and wait for it to dry.

  8. Herhimnbrn, I'm right with you - air dried laundry does smell the best. Was it Edna Walling who used to dry her sheets on lavender bushes?

    Claudia, a cup of tea by the fire sounds mighty nice!


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