Saturday, October 14, 2006

The sure-fire hit of the summer

Peeling open my eyes and shovelling off the sticky sleep that threatened to glue them shut again, I blearily noticed that the sun was shining outside. This could mean only one thing: a photo session! I unearthed myself from the assorted crumpled bits of toilet paper that have been masquerading as tissues, peeled the Vicks container from out of an unfortunate place, heaved myself off the couch, cast off my Yoga Wrap, skedaddled to the bedroom and donned my newly finished favourite thing, then instructed the Galumph to get snapping. Jorth Sewing Enterprises proudly presents the one and the only thing to be footling around in this summer - a bright spotty dress!

Project Specs:
Pattern - Simplicity 4224, size 8
Description - Strapless fitted sundress, with flared skirt and fitted bodice (tie belt optional)
Fabric - Color Beat for Robert Kaufman (purchased at GJ's), 100% cotton, 2 metres
Notions - 40cm zipper, 1.3 metres elastic for bodice

What can I say - I love this pattern, and I love the dress! It was easy to put together, fits like a dream and will see me happily through all those blinding hot days with style and class (or something!) I can see myself ditching all my other dress patterns and making one for every day of the week, or something equally sad. Heck, when you're on to a good thing...


  1. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Hehe, i know what you mean about one for each day of the week, i'm onto cullotte pair number 4 and flirty dress number 2. I love your dress, i feel a little self conscious wearing strapless dresses because of my big boobs though, but seeing yours makes me want one.

  2. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Oh my goodness. You do look gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I am soooooo envious. It's not fair you should be that slinky (and talented). Whilst I'm paying out loads of compliments....I love your hair. I thought you had short hair!

    Beautiful dress. Beautiful. I love orange and it's perfect on you. Have a great time wearing it.
    PS. Good job my arms are too fat for this dress. I bought the trousers pattern (how's that going?) but wouldn't get away with this one.

  3. You look gorgeous in that dress! I love everything about it, the style the colour. Delicious. I'd never be able to get away with the no bra strapless look though :-(

  4. Thanks, everybody!

    Alice, I do have short hair... on one side of my head, the other is long, as you can see!

  5. You look *fabulous* !!
    I can't believe you peeled yourself away from snotty toilet paper and Vicks to look so good ( and are you TANNED ? )....

    Also, how come I am a Size 8, but I can't wear dresses like this ? I have mumma-chunka batwing arms, kankles, and boobs that require bras WITH straps. How can we be the same size ? You must be 5'9" or something model-ish like that, yes ?

    Anyway, looking fabulous. I'm off to gnaw at my arm-fat ...

  6. Glad you are feeling better. Sorry I didn't know you were ill.

    But how great is your dress and how good do you look in it!!! Fabulous...yep you should make one for everyday of the week!!

  7. Absolutely Fabulous darling!
    Talent and slenderness. You look divine.

  8. How georgeous are you!!!! Great dress!

  9. Oh, good idea! One for every day of the week, plus one to wear while you're washing the others. What a beautiful length, too. Just right for dancing.

  10. Love. LoVe. LOVE that dress! You look goygeous! :)

  11. Anonymous2:41 pm

    hey hot mama?? !! If I spot you boob tubing it on a tram Ill be most impressed!!

  12. Hey grouse frock!

    The photo shoot was definitely worth getting out of bed for.

  13. Anonymous3:53 am

    you look fan-tas-tic! one for each day sound perfect ;)

  14. Anonymous1:35 am

    Oh so elegant and chic. Great summer dress...

  15. Anonymous3:49 am

    Oh your so like me. if I like something I have to by it in every colour.

    Thanks for the comment on my end of blog.

    See you around kiddo! love Julia x

  16. I adore this dress and you look fantastic in it!! Must drive to spotlight and buy pattern now.

  17. Anonymous8:32 am

    A wonderful, ready for warmer weather, dress... and people really should use the word "skedaddled" in more postings!
    cheers, grache

  18. it looks like such a fun dress to wear.

  19. Gorgeous, and yes you should make one for each day of the week!!

  20. I forgot to say, I misread your post at first and thought, gee that little toddler is a good photographer!


  21. Anonymous4:07 pm

    jorth, honey, I know this is one of the oldest lines in the book...but don't I know you from somewhere?

    I think yes, your face is seriously familiar.

    Now I have to work out where from.

    This is going to drive me crazy, I know it.



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