Monday, February 06, 2006


I go through stages with my crafts, where I'm full of nothing but sighs and moans, thinking everything's too hard, and there's nothing at all that I want to make. Then a few weeks later I rush off to the other end of the inspiration spectrum, and find myself in a whirl of project planning, with seemingly thousands of things that I want to make. The fact that every morning I sit down to browse the blogs aids this. For example, I'm currently terribly excited by all the amazing work being done out there, particuarly Anna's gorgeous horse, Grumperina's simply fabulous hat, Erica's too-cute-for-words Peanut and Amelia's exquisite Bridie.

Ahh, so many wonderful things, and just not enough time to try and make them all. And now we have this, which I'm sure will get me into even more inspirational trouble! However, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and likewise, every project begins with a single stitch (or whatever). As much as I want to rush off and begin a whole swag of new things, I've got babies waiting for me:

The babies in question are the toddler tops I'm making for a nearby shop. Only the arm facings, neck elastic and hems to do. It's been a vertitable production line here at chez Jorth. Onwards and upwards!


  1. Ahhh, the project unveiled! They look like they're gonna be so cool :) OOOOOO, AAAAHHHHH...the bees knees too.

  2. E, you make me laugh!

  3. I love everything you make! As long as you´re doing something and not just thinking about it that´s great!
    You´ve been tagged by the way, check my blog!

  4. they look exciting. I love the red spots.

  5. More pictures of the tops! more more more! :)

  6. the tops look very gorgeous, yes more please...


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