Friday, February 17, 2006


So, I've decided that the bobbley cardigan just isn't enough of a challenge for me (let's just ignore that fact that I'm terribly bad at reading charts, and was ready to ram my needles though the darn thing during yesterday's chart-bobble-decreasing-raglan sleeve fiasco. Hey - it was all good in the end - you can barely even tell where the stuff ups occured). So now my new additional Olympic challenge is to finish Bobbley and also get Ruski sewn. Now, there is an ulteria motive for this - I want to wear Ruski in time for our musical excursion on Sunday night. We're having dinner outside on some restaurant's balcony afterwards, and I want to be all snug in that Kidsilky Hazey goodness.

So poor Bobbley has been cast aside for now. Since I've only the back left to do, I'm not feeling too bad, plus I needed a break - my wrists were getting a little sore from wielding those tree trunk needles around, and the finishing of Ruski has commenced. The blocking was done this morning (just a light wet tea towel steam block, none of this overnight drying time for this little black duck), and hopefully after dinner tonight I'll get all the ends woven and some sewing commenced. I'm almost feeling like one of those uberathletes who compete in different events.

Pity my photograph isn't of Olympic standard. Ah well, at least it's proof that I do actually block.


  1. I wish I could knit like you...I have tried a jumper or two in the past but failed when it came time to sew it all together. Do you have any ideas on sites where I can find a simple pattern in XL to start on?

  2. Sunday NIGHT!?? you go!!! :)


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