Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Faster, stronger... coughier?

My Olympic campaign has been derailed! Just when I thought I was safe to skate around the rink with needles in hand, the Tonya Harding of the virus world has snuck up behind me and bam! whacked me with a nasty virusey thingy (see! incoherent already!). I'd post a picture of my red raw throat and furry tongue, but I'd hate to scare any small children in the vicinity of the computer. I think even poor Grumbles has come down with it - she's already in slumber land, despite the fact she only just finished breakfast. Talk about a world record!

Yet it will take more than a nasty virus to stop this athlete! I'd halfway through the right front, which I should get finished tonight, coughs and spluttering allowing, then onto the left tomorrow. I'd post a pic, but how many bobbles can one blog support? That's right: Not. That. Many. So, here's a pic instead of a lovely statue in the Treasury Gardens, Melbourne.

He's wondering if he'll get his Olympic challenge finished in time. Har!


  1. oh poor you!
    You can't get sick now :((

  2. I hope you´re feeling better. You are such a talented knitter! When I have finished the skirt for "Sew? I knit!" then I will give some knitting a go...a jumper or top to start.
    It´s lovely that you grew up in such a big family but I´m sure your little one´s childhood will be full of love and fond memories too, even if there are no brothers and sisters around.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! The little, cotton shirts are wonderful :) So is your bobbly sweater -- I see gold in your near future!


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