Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Food, glorious food

I've been tagged by the lovely Claudia with the food challenges meme. So, here goes:

1 - Try to eat a more vegetarian diet. We're fairly good here, only eating meat once or twice a week generally, but that can definitely be improved upon. When I read of how much water it takes to produce a kilo of meat (50,000 litres) I shudder. Although the shuddering always miraculously stops when the thought of sausages comes to mind (stupid, isn't it - I rarely eat meat, but when I do I eat the worst possible hodgepodge available).

2 - Reduce the amount of food that I buy that comes with needless packaging. For example, I am now the proud owner of a butter dish with lid, so I can buy butter in a paper wrap, rather than in a plastic container. If I applied that thinking to everything I buy, imagine how much less rubbish I would be creating! (Suggestions more than welcome here!)

3 - Try to eat as much locally produced food as possible. Oranges from California - forgeddaboudit!

4 - Get our vegie patch really going for autumn/winter. We've been merrily consuming tomatoes all summer, now it's time for the rest to go in. This, of course, all relates to point number 3. How many food miles are there in peas straight from the front yard? None - only about 7 food steps. Hooray!

5 - Be as creative yet ecomonical as possible with our evening meals. And try and come up with some really quick and easy fruit-based desserts. And enjoy myself whilst cooking and documenting them (now, that really is a challenge). Oh, and not beat myself up over the photo quality.

Phew - all done. Now it's time for lunch!


  1. Glad you´ve got us thinking about packaging. My kids love yoghurt and I used to have a tonne of plastic at the end of the month but I have discovered a farmer in the town where I work who makes and sells yoghurt in glass jars. It´s alot healthier , tastes better and has reduced our plastic waste drastically. I also buy apple juice locally (also comes in glass bottles) and I have a vege patch too - but gardening in a country with a freezing, long winter can be very frustrating.

  2. When we moved here to Melbourne's hippiest ... er, greenest local council, we were taken aback to find that the general waste wheelie bin (the landfill one) is very small, and is only emptied every second week! To be fair, the recycling and green waste bins are huge and emptied weekly, but it really makes you think about packaging when you're in the supermarket. I have always tried to shop consciously, but have to even more so now.


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