Monday, February 27, 2006

And it's gold for Australia!

Sorry, everybody, for dropping off the radar like that, but it's been a crazy, busy, hectic week. And what have I been doing, you may ask? Well, finishing Bobbles for one thing!

I have to say that whilst I am happy with it, I'm not exactly thrilled with it, which is usually how I want to be after putting in all that work. When I finished it yesterday I raced to the bathroom, put in on and immediately thought: Oh my word. I look like I'm auditioning for a spot in some funky mod style video and went nutso with the macrame before hand.

So then I took a deep breath, and went out to the Galumph. His verdict was "Bobbles aren't really my thing, you know?". Gotcha. Neither are they mine, it would appear. And it's completely and utterly my own fault. I should know by now that large yarn knit with large needles doesn't always equal cool fitted little number, no matter how much the over-styled pattern book photo would appear to suggest otherwise. For crying out loud, the Biggy Print disaster of 2002 should have taught me that.

So back to the mirror I went, this time armed with a large pin and determination to make this thing look good (oh, and I applied some fun bright green sparkly eyeshadow. Didn't help the jacket a bit, but made me feel much better. Mmmmm... green sparkles!). And I've succeeded. I've come up with some avant garde styling of my own, and figured out how to drap and pin the jacket so that it doesn't look so... huge and bulky. My new way of wearing even got the Galumph's seal of approval ("That's much better! I like it now!").

Still, I did need a dose of Pride and Prejudice last night to calm the jittery post-Olympic nerves. And I even donned the jacket to wear whilst I swooned over Mr Darcy. I'll say this much for it - it is warm, no matter what it's other faults may be. And goes very well with the eyeshadow.

I'll try and post some pics of me actually wearing it, as soon as I can convince Galumph to take some photos. Till then, comrades.


  1. Oh, I am astounded by your gorgeous knitted jacket. And then I laughed! Your galumph says the same thing as the Bear, when he is asked what he thinks of something I am waering and he doesn't want to offend me!
    Am a big fan of draping and pinning!

  2. Thanks, Herhimnbryn!

  3. It´s gorgeous! And you made it - you just have to wear the right things with it (like the green sparkle!) and you´ll look fab! You are having the same doubts that an artist has after finishing a picture, wondering if it´s good enough. Sometimes it takes time for a piece to grow on us, I think it´s great!

  4. By the way, you´re tagged!

  5. Strabge, wonderful world - that´s for sure! Nice to know you´re here!
    GOOD MORNING! And your new sight is GREAT, everyone will LOVE it!

  6. It should be expecially warm in the chest area...insulated by the "bobbleage"

  7. Thanks, Nik - it conveniently hides that fact that I don't really have much of a chest, too... bwahahah!

  8. What?? No picture of YOU modeling?

  9. Not yet, Erica, but I promise there will be!

  10. I think it looks fantastic!!!! Really well done!!

    Mind you I have knitted two things for myself.......raced to try them on and see what they look like.....and NEVER ever worn them!! One I was able to take apart and so still have the wool. The other I sent off to the Salvos complete with loads of loose threads that needed weaving in!!!!


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