Monday, August 12, 2013

Red knits

Aha! All this time people thought pink - in particular that hot fuchsia pink - was my favourite colour, but let me tell you this: I have been a red girl for longer than I care to remember. I like my bikes to be red, my toenails to be painted red, my necklaces to be red. And, judging by the below, my handknits!

If anybody wants me, I'll be hanging out somewhere between orange-red and magenta on the colour wheel. Or maybe button shopping. These beauties need the perfect buttons, stat!

(And yes, have already checked Nan's button bag. Alas, no luck. I really will have to go button shopping. Oh, how ghastly!)

Red Knit #1

Red Knit #2


  1. a cape?!?!?

    my miette is sitting around 40%. hoping i can get it done by end of August!

  2. Check out Buttonmania, Cathedral Arcade, upstairs - in the city,
    I'm sure you know of it already!


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