Friday, June 21, 2013

Sunki - this time in Liberty!

What can I say - when you have a pattern this funky, and such loverly loverly fabric, it's no wonder that things get made up twice!

Sunki Liberty #1

Sunki Liberty #4

Sunki Liberty #3

Sunki Liberty #2

Even though we both adore the Elephant Sunki, Tyger and I think this one is the best version so far. To own the truth, I was a little bit worried about how well the red contrasting panels would go with the vintage-style Liberty print, but I think it's turned out rather well - given the Liberty a bit of a modern edge, if you will.

The Liberty fabric is part of the new Liberty Lifestyle range, which is made in regular quilting cotton weight, rather than the traditional Tana Lawn weight, which is light indeed. As much as I love the Lawn, this weight makes a fabric that is far more versatile - and long wearing. A few things I've made in the Tana Lawn have ended up with tears at stress points, simply due to the fragility of the fabric. This is not only more robust, but also comes in some rocking prints plus can be purchased at a far more economical price point than the Lawn generally comes in. Hooray for Liberty!

I made a couple of slight alterations to the pattern this time around - namely I added 5cm length to the sleeves and 6cm to the front and back, which gives the Tyger a wee bit more growing room.

Not much else to say except that I TOTALLY LOVE THIS DRESS! Seriously - why does this not come in grown up sizes? Between this and Vogue 8184, I could have my wardrobe totally sorted!

Project Details
Pattern: Sunki Dress ePattern from Figgy's Patterns
Fabric: 1.2m Liberty Lifestyle Bloomsbury collection - Garnett in Rich Red Blue from L'uccello, plus scraps of red cotton for the side panels
Notions: 28cm invisible zip


  1. I love this pattern- have yet to make it up for my girls but have always thought it should be in an adult size. Yours is gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous! The red panels turned out great :)

  3. Adorable!!! Thanks for the info too! Just might have to head over to figgy's and buy it!!!

  4. Lovely! If only I had girls... Oh well, more Liberty for me!!

  5. Love it. I think I will have to try this pattern:)

  6. love the dress! and such a cute pattern, it's on my radar come fall!

  7. Adorable. Love the red side inserts and the shoukder details. She looks stunning, your little girl. Have great Sunday.

  8. It's totally adorable - and so bright and happy!! What a wonderful way to inject some colour into a grey Melb day. Like today. Love the rockin' red spotty tights with it! :)

  9. Anonymous9:30 pm

    I really like your fabric choices for this dress. Shame they don't have an adult size pattern!


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