Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pretty in pink: lace knit cardigan

Knitting is good. Speedy knitting is even better. Speedy knitting that results in a cardigan knit up in two weeks is freaking superlative!

Pink Cardigan #2

Pink Cardigan #1

Pink Cardigan #3

Seriously, it felt like I spent more time seaming this baby together than I did actually knitting it! The only modification I made was to sew the lace flat down onto the bodice pieces (the lace being knit separately). The pattern called for it to be left with a looser edging, but I had a feeling that over time and after washes, the edging might start to look a bit tatty, so I seamed mine down flat, using two ply strands of the yarn.

I'm rather chuffed with the fit of this cardigan. The slightly dropped shoulders give it a relaxed feel, but the overall fit is decidedly slimline, which I like. I'm also rather taken with the lace...I think I might need a lacy cardigan of my own this winter!

The buttons are vintage glass buttons that are ever so slightly faceted, which suits the cardigan exactly. I didn't want anything to distract from the lace, so these clear glass ones are perfect. Big thanks to Kim at L'uccello for patiently digging around in button boxes for me!

Project Details
Pattern: Sirdar girl's cardigan #2389 (comes in both long and short sleeved versions)
Yarn: 7 x Rowan by Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran in shade 218, purchased from Sunspun
Needles: 4mm and 5mm
Buttons: 6 x vintage glass buttons from L'uccello


  1. Gorgeous - cardi and the girl ;-)

  2. Woah, woah I am so jealous of your speed! Teach me your ways! Not to mention this is a gorgeous design & flawlessly done.

  3. Adorable - as is that gap-toothed smile :)

  4. Beautiful - cardi, colour and girl.

  5. Gorgeous - you must be such a fast knitter. I still 'fly' can't get past it... a bit like doing a breaststroke kick wrong. Once you've been doing it too long, it is very tricky to change!!

  6. Wow you are quick and this is lovely! Nicely done.

  7. Gorgeous! Your knitting is so inspiring I'm tempted to give it another go. Not that I could ever produce anything as lovely as your knitted beauties!

  8. Very pretty cardigan! She has a beautiful smile too!

  9. what a lucky girl, such a beautiful sweater!

  10. She looks gorgeous in pink!! C'est Magnifique!!!!

  11. Lovely cardigan, nice pattern and nice even stitches. very cute model, too.


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