Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Red cables

Red Cables

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a very red blanket? Why, no, sillies - it's part of the cabled shawl that Tyger requested for her birthday. Naturally!

Sorry - what was that you said - most nine year olds don't want cabled, hand knitted shawls for their birthdays? Well, my girl marches to the beat of her own drum and that is what she declared she wanted. I could pretend her request came as a shock, but it didn't - although I did have one awful moment when I though she'd asked for a ball, not a shawl. Glad that didn't come about! I might have needed to venture outside and be sporty or something. Perish the thought!

(Oh, and yes yes yes, I know it's now officially late... but this dreadful flu I've had has completely knocked me for a six {look at me go - a sporting metaphor. Wowsers!}, plus I sliced my thumb open which really blimming hurt, so the fates appear to be working against me. But it shall be done. And soon! I'll even pinky promise, since the thumb is out of action. But pray, give me a break - there's 328 stitches per row in the darn thing. A quick knit this ain't.)

**UPDATE: The pattern is Sirdar 1386. Silly me forgot to mention that before. Whoooooops!


  1. what is the pattterrrnnnnnn?

    it's super nice!

  2. It's looking great!

  3. Lovely gift for your self confident girl. Thank you for wonderful language, that makes me smile. Thank you for your giving birth story. That gave tear on my eye.

  4. That is an awesome photo! I hope Imogen grows up to ask me to knit for her! Random question - what camera/lens do you use?

  5. Seriously, Tyger has GOT to be the best dressed 9 year old out there. I think I had the same flu as you... although I'm still getting over mine! That cape-in-the-making is looking deee-vine!

  6. I can't remember if the Weaver's & Spinners Guild is running school holiday classes - they probably aren't far from you. They're in Nicholson St, near the Millawa Cheese Shop.

  7. What is the yarn you are using? It is knitting up beautifully with great pattern definition

  8. Hi BusyLizzie,

    I'm using Woolganics 8ply... although I don't think it's being made anymore. I hope I have enough!


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