Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Things I have

Well, looky at what we have here!

Purple Cables

I have a blocked piece of Dapple. In fact, I have four blocked pieces (front, back, two sleeves) of Dapple. I also have Tyger home with me, full of the cold, but that's more than ok because it means that what I don't have is a school pick up deadline, and instead do have a lovely clear afternoon in front of me, the only interruptions being to make another cup of lemon/ginger tea or heat up more chicken soup.

I also have one ball of yarn left, with which I need to pick up 192 stitches, and knit up a lovely thick garter stich neckline.

Gulp. One measly ball with which to do all that? As you can probably imagine, I also have clammy hands, severe doubts about my yarn supply and very few fingernails left, as I have bitten them all down to the quick in my current state of lack-of-yarn induced anxiety.

If this doesn't work out, I may also have a hissy fit. Just warning y'all!

(And trust me - although they don't happen often, my husband tells me that when they do, they are SPECTACTULAR! Even more so when craft induced.)


  1. Gah! Not that old YARN CHICKEN chestnut! My fingernails are bitten to the quick, in sympathy-like.

  2. Hello! It's Jackie from Sunspun. Call the shop tomorrow and I can put an extra ball of yarn aside for you. Just in case.

  3. Anonymous2:49 am

    I can sew anything, literally anything, but when it comes to knitting, I suck! It's post like this that have me wishing I was good at knitting.

  4. The faster you knit, the less yarn gets used... that's my theory, anyway!

  5. Um yeah. Maybe don't come in to the studio tomorrow. I don't want to witness the hissy fit thanks ;)


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