Monday, May 13, 2013

Hail the hail!

It's got nothing to do with sewing. Or knitting. Or even cooking. But how cool (hee hee, geddit?) is this hail action shot?


Makes me wish so hard that it would snow in Melbourne. Proper snow, like. Not the odd dusting every 68 years.

I love interesting weather. I love hail, I love wind, I love looking up at big storm clouds. In my next life I am definitely coming back as a meteorologist.


  1. Great picture, I love "interesting" weather too but it kinda hurt on the bike commute home from work today.

  2. A farmer's daughter??

  3. Hail is simply magical!

  4. Anonymous2:21 am

    wow! that is a great shot!

  5. I too love this time of year!! You get to wear lots of knitted things and warm coats!!! Great shot.

  6. So cool! We've had heavy rain the past couple of days and my youngest keeps asking hopefully "is it hail? is it hail?'

  7. You could always move to Canberra :-)

    When I was in high school, I wanted to be a meteorologist - until I found out that I needed a degree in physics and maths before I could train at the Bureau :-(. I wanted to be the first Australian woman to work in Antartica.

    Always loved winter - as a redhead, I'm made for gloomy weather.

  8. Noted. Some Canadian snow has been booked for delivery to you later in the year when we have our first dumping!!

  9. awesome pic!! are u on instagram??


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