Monday, May 20, 2013

Monthly Meal Plan - May/June


Can I just say YAY for winter? I am love love loving these cool winter dishes now. It's my favourite time for hunkering down, enjoying our space whilst letting the house warm up with slow cooked dishes. No need to rush, and no special place to be when the rain is hammering at the windows - just inside with my favourite people. Feeding. Nurturing. Appreciating all that is good, and how very lucky and blessed we are.

Week One:
Monday - Ham, cheese and pea frittata with new potatoes and green salad
Tuesday - Zucchini, pumpkin and chickpea pasta
Wednesday - Potato and leek soup with garlic baguettes
Thursday - Moroccan lamb sausage rolls with salad
Friday - Roasted vegetable and barley risotto topped with fresh rocket
Saturday - Satay veggie and tofu burgers with wedges
Sunday - Sweet potato and pea curry puffs with salad

Week Two:
Monday - Pumpkin and macaroni pasta bake
Tuesday - Beetroot and chilli soup with rocket, cucumber, red onion and feta pitas
Wednesday - Chicken and chorizo risotto
Thursday - Carrot fritters with broad bean and spinach salad
Friday - Spinach, feta and onion tarts with salad
Saturday - Baked fish with spiced sweet potato mash
Sunday - Roast chicken

Week Three:
Monday - Creamy chicken pasta (with left over roast chicken)
Tuesday - Minestrone with cheesy toasts
Wednesday - Silverbeet and cauliflower wraps
Thursday - Mixed tomato and herb pie with salad
Friday - Salmon and zucchini pasta
Saturday - Home made pizzas
Sunday - Cauliflower soup with cheese scones

Week Four:
Monday - Vegetable and ricotta cannelloni
Tuesday - Pea, dill and rice soup
Wednesday - Sausage and beans stew
Thursday - Mushroom and spinach risotto
Friday - Lentil shepherd's pies with salads
Saturday - Chicken and lentil soup
Sunday - Birthday party - dinner out!


  1. I am envious of your meals and a child that will eat them! I doubt my 2 teens and 9 year old would touch much of that sadly....

  2. Thanks again for the menus! I do love this on your blog.

  3. Hi Jorth, I was just wondering what lens you are using for the close up shots on your blog. Is at 50mm? Your photography is great by the way :-)


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