Monday, May 06, 2013

Bringing them over to the knit side

I had so much fun on Saturday. In fact, I was in crafting heaven! Not only did I get to spend a very pleasant afternoon knitting away inbetween scoffing bits of sponge cake, but I got to do it in the company of some freaking awesome people!

Knitting Class

I was pretty chuffed to discover that both Poppykettle and Julia Bobbin were coming along to the Handmaker's Factory Learn to Knit class. I love teaching people how to knit, but even better than that is teaching people who I have pretty darn serious blog crushes on! Over the course of the afternoon Nichola and I gave them a crash course on knitting basics: casting on, knit, purl, increasing, decreasing, chart reading and casting off, and they mastered it like the crafting superstars that they are!

I was so proud of them! Ladies, next time I see you I expect knitted dresses all around, ja?

So. Much. Fun!


  1. Oh that is so cool! Well you've inspired me from afar. I have now knitted two hats and am about to start my first sweater - with lace details!! Your knitting looks so fantastic I had to pick up sticks. That and Amanda from Bimble and Pimble of course, we had a recent knit-along :)

  2. One knitted dress coming up! In fact, to motivate myself I shall go around wearing nothing but pyjamas until I have completed my first knitted dress. My poor husband (and neighbours).

    Learnt so much on Saturday and so thoroughly enjoyed the company. Wish it was what I was doing every Saturday afternoon.

    P.s. I have totally MASTERED the casting on now.

  3. heehee!! I'm winding my wool about to start and see if I can remember to cast on again! Seems like Julia is going to be the teachers pet with her progress to date... I'm totally excited to master this knitting thing. And thankyou both for SUCH a wonderful afternoon - I loved it!

  4. Looks like everyone was having a fab time! I do knit though rather slowly, not the actual stitching itself, but I get too distracted with other lovely projects!

  5. Omg i sooo wanna come to this class.
    When is the next one? Mum taught me how to knit when I was in primary school, used to keep my occupied during term break :)

  6. Wish I could of been there!


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