Thursday, March 21, 2013

Monthly menu plan - March/April

Strawberries #2

It's that time of the month again! No, no THAT time of the month. Sheesh! I mean for my monthly menu plan. As per usual, I'll provide links to recipes if I use them directly from a website. If they are from a recipe book, then I'll link to the book. If the recipe has no link, then the recipe is one of my own that I have invented over the years.

Let the menu planning begin!

Week One
Monday - Baked potatoes with lentil bolognaise, spinach, grated carrots and cheese
Tuesday - Zucchini, pea and spinach risotto
Wednesday - Chicken curry (I added some pumpkin to ours, which sort of melded in to form a pumpkin/coconut soup. Man, it was SO GOOD!)
Thursday - Curried pea and lettuce soup with garlic toasts
Friday - Baked salmon parcels (sort of like this recipe, but I'll be using cherry tomatoes and green beans, and no mustard, instead)
Saturday - Quick lamb curry
Sunday - Roast chicken

Week Two
Monday - Creamy chicken, rocket and pea pasta (using left over roast chicken)
Tuesday - Honey roasted pumpkin soup
Wednesday - Lentil and vegetable cottage pies, with peas and broccoli on the side
Thursday - Roasted vegetable lasagne with garden salad
Friday - Baked potatoes with tuna, corn and coleslaw
Saturday - Roasted vegetable and caramelised garlic barley risotto
Sunday - Easter! I haven't planned anything yet, as I'm not sure who is coming for dinner, and I promised Tyger that she could help me figure out the menu. I think a blue cheese and pear salad is a must for the starter, though.

Week Three
Monday - Pearl barley minestrone
Tuesday - Roasted vegetable and feta pie with green salad
Wednesday - Silverbeet and potato soup with garlic bread
Thursday - Sausage and bean stew with couscous
Friday - Spaghetti with ricotta and rocket
Saturday - Pizza - probably roast veg, and mushroom + capsicum, served with a green salad
Sunday - Red wine stew with garlicky mash

Week Four
Monday - Vegetable pasties with garden salad
Tuesday - Beef and mushroom stroganoff
Wednesday - Vegetable pasta bake
Thursday - Lentil soup
Friday - Jambalaya
Saturday - Satay tempeh burgers
Sunday - Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

I also plan on making some vegetable soups to store away in the freezer, which can be quickly thawed out for (a) me to have for breakfast, because I'm weird like that and (b) for Tyger to take to school for lunch in her beloved Thermos.


  1. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Man you are organised!

  2. Wow that is one heck of a menu, I'm going to maybe steak some of these!

  3. Perfect timing... Sort of. I meant to look up your blog before food shopping today for your last post like this and some inspiration. But time got away from me and I never got there. Food shopping done and still no idea what I'm cooking! I'll have to have a look and see what I can match up. Thanks again!

  4. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Fantastic menus! I do weekly ones, but am not organised enough for monthly. I'll certainly be borrowing a few recipes from your list. Thanks very much for sharing them :)

  5. I'm lucky to plan what is for dinner tonight.


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