Tuesday, March 19, 2013



That's the thing about cables - they are so addictive that you zoom right along, panting excitedly at the prospect of seeing the next one formed. What - no panting from you? Huh. Weird - I'm panting all the way. Maybe not out loud, but there is definitely some internal monologue-ing going on. "Look! Another cable! Does life get any better? Knit 5 from the left, knit 5 from the back - whooooeee. Check.It.Out! It's a beauty! And only 12 stitches until the next cable. Yee har!"

And the cable decreases? Oh boy, don't get me started! Yep, it's all adrenaline knitting around here at chez Jorth. As the Galumph would say, it keeps me off the streets. What, exactly, he thinks I might be doing on those streets I've never dared ask. Maybe he's worried I'll race up to total strangers and declaim my love of cable knitting to them. Like that would be a bad thing (scoffs).

Anyway, the beanie called Kat is done, and done quickly at that.  It was quite a fun knit, once I got over the post-rib increase row (it was a doozy). Looks best worn like a slouchy tam, as modelled by Grumbles.

Now, as Bridget Jones would say, back to the studio! Or in my case, back to the Isabel dress. Wheee - more cables!

Project Details
Pattern: Kat by Kim Hargreaves
Yarn: 2 x Rowan Kid Classic in shade 832 (super dark chocolate brown)
Needles: 3.75mm and 4.5mm


  1. the post rib increase row! I'm not the only one. it was all math and I'm just like how what math?

  2. Lovely!
    I think your love of cables may be rubbing off on me.

  3. This is one epic hat! I'm still new to knitting but I have made a very basic single cabled mug warmer and I was hooked on seeing each bend form. It's all kinds of rad!


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