Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chocolate and cables


"A lot of women claim to be addicted to chocolate", said the psychologist, in his dry droning manner. "Do you feel, Ms Jorth, that this could be said of you?"

"Well," said Jorth, comfortably seated in her favourite stuffed chair in the consulting room for People With Craft Addictions with her latest project nestled in her lap, "I think I might be addicted to knitting these chocolate-coloured cables. Does that count?"

The shrink said nothing, as was his want, but his scribbling on Jorth's patient notes seemed to go on for an awfully long time.

Eek! What am I doing - I should be finished up the Tyger's knitted dress. Instead I fell for the allure that is Rowan Kid Classic and for the thrill of cables in the Kat pattern. Chocolate cables - I was powerless to resist! And besides - I just really fancied a break, and wanted a quick knit - ever feel like that?


  1. Anonymous2:08 am

    Now all I can say is Kat in the Hat. It's like a mantra!

    You'll be done with that little hat in a couple of days and it's back to the dress. Like this road bump never happened.

  2. Are you making the sweater or the hat? I made the jumper a couple of years in mink and it's been fabulous, particularly with this long cold winter we're having in the UK?


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