Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Can't take the heat


Dear Weather Gods,

According to the latest forecasts, ol' Melbourne town is due to have 9 days of temperatures reaching over 30 C or more. To that I have this to say:

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? C'mon - it's officially autumn! Time for beanies and mittens and pumpkin soup! Now, while I love a summer frock as much as the next girl, I'm sort of over the heat. I'm over the bike ride commute in the blazing sun, the perma-sweat moustache I'm always sporting and I'm over the hat hair (trumps skin cancer, but still - not.a.good.look!)

Plus I have grand plans to knit up a whole bunch of winter dresses. Now, that ain't gonna happen if this heat continues. My craft priorities are getting muddled - do I keep on making summer dresses or do I swelter trying to knit in the heat, preparing for (hopefully) cooler days ahead? Confusion is reigning! So please please pretty please can we get the weather back to normal? A brisk 15 C will suit me down to the ground.

If this is unachievable from your end, then I shall simply have to pack bags and head to Scotland. Good old reliable blissfully cool Scotland!

Yours sincerely,


  1. Don't think you are in for any cool weather just yet! Poor old Melbourne is certainly being turned upside-down. Up here we are still paddling about in the rain...J

  2. Pearl2:13 pm

    Ooo boy - we seldom get those temps in the summer in Vancouver, but when we do, oh man...it's rough! You have my sympathy.

    Scotland sounds wonderful-when do we leave? :-)

  3. Oh Judith, rain is just as bad. Hope that you are dry soon!

    Pearl, I'm packing my bags as we speak!

  4. Ditto in Adelaide.. Walked to work today (6kms) before i realised today is 32 degrees.. Ughh over it

  5. I feel for you, we have had a long, hot summer here in Auckland but our average temp has been around the 26 degree mark. That is plenty warm for me.

  6. I read your weather post with interest. My daughter's 21st is in Melbourne this weekend. I need it dry -outdoor event - and warm so that chosen outfits will be suitable. Just not too hot!!

  7. Maybe I should move to Melbourne for those days. I am truly SICK of the rain and the moderate temps. I WANT and LOVE the hot weather and we've had none really. I am envious! Enjoy.

  8. It's nice and chilly here in NYC. You should come visit!

  9. I live in Melbourne because I *don't* like sweating like a beast.

    *quietly sobbing*

  10. Oh I know how you feel, I'm exhausted with the hot weather. We've had like WEEKS AND WEEKS of over 30C in Perth, and still more forecast to come. Completely over it.

    Thanks so much for your compliment on my skirt :)

  11. jamsandwich8:39 pm

    here, here, well said


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