Friday, August 03, 2012

Pyjamas emergency

PJ Flannel

Grumbles and Jorth emerged from their respective bedrooms, and look at each other with eyes that were filled with both horror and sleep.

"It's a complete and utter travesty!" said Jorth, sending an anxious hand through her wild bed hair.

"It's uncontemplatable!" agreed Grumbles, looking sadly down.

"It's a mocking perversion of all that is right and good!"

"It's terribly unflattering!"

"It's a scandalous sartorial abhorrence!"

"It's really really...bad!" finished Grumbles, who was rapidly running out of adjectives (well, she is only eight).

"What on earth are the two of you talking about" cried out Galumph, who not only had been roused from his bed by the symphony of screeching, but was now feeling completely bewildered by the seeming impenetrable dialogue between mother and daughter.

Almost as if they had been secretly practicing this move for an occasion such as this, both Jorth and Grumbles spun simultaneously on the spot, flung out their hands in a despairing jazz hands fashion and cried out "Isn't it obvious? Look at the state of our pyjamas!"

"I'm showing a clear two inches of ankle!" cried Grumbles. "It's not only indecent but chilly as well!"

"And I've got a hole in an unmentionable place and the fabric is too thin to patch!", lamented Jorth.

"Er, Mum?" said Grumbles, with a significant nod in the direction of her nether regions. "You might want to check that again..."

"Oh my sainted aunt!" cried Jorth upon closer inspection. "TWO unmentionable places! That's it - there's only one thing to be done."

"GJ's followed by more sewing?" asked Grumbles.

"I have trained you well, Grasshopper!" replied Jorth


  1. You do make me larf!

    ps. Can we put our names on the pj list too?

  2. Sure! We should have a pj sewing day!

  3. Love, love, love home sewn pajamas. I recently made myself two pairs!


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