Thursday, August 16, 2012

A knitterly change of plans

Pale Blue Knitting

"We're a little concerned about you, Ms Jorth" said the head of the Adherence to Declaration of Crafting Plans committee, fixing Jorth with her steely gaze as Jorth stood nervously before them. "According to our records, you declared on your blog mere days ago that you would finish up a striped baby jumper along with the rest of your winter projects, yet here we have evidence of something else entirely on your needles!"

With that she brandished Jorth's 3.25mm bamboos, which indeed did have some knitting on it, and unfortunately for Jorth that knitting did not resembled a striped baby sweater.

"I can explain!" yelped Jorth, feeling somewhat fearful that her precious knitting might fly off the needles, such was the enthusiasm with which the committee head was waving them around.

"Well, it better be good, my girl!" said the head, as an officer from the Rehabilitation Centre for Wayward Crafters clinked his handcuffs menacingly.

Jorth took a deep breath, and began to explain. "I had the most sincere intentions of making the stated striped baby jumper, but when I went to dig through my stash to find the yarn, I discovered to my great dismay that I only had one and a half balls of blue yarn left, which wouldn't have been enough. So, bearing in mind also that summer was fast approaching, I decided to instead make the cute little baby vest that you can see on the needles instead. This way I was making a more weather-appropriate garment, wasn't wasting any wool, and wasn't enhancing my stash by dashing off to the yarn store. I swear, I'm not breaking my pledge - I'm just exercising flexibility!"

"Hmmm" said the head, giving Jorth a hard look. "And do you still stick by your pledge - that you will finish up your winter projects before embarking on any summer projects?"

"Absolutely! I swear on both needles and yarn!" said Jorth.

"Fine. You may go. But remember young lady - we'll be watching you. Him especially!", she said with a nod in the direction of the rehab officer, who was looking mutinous at the thought of a serial craft pledge buster getting away again.

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