Thursday, August 30, 2012

Green dress seaming

Green Seaming

Hold onto your hats, people. Grab the nearest armchair for support, if needed. Stock up on the smelling salts, prepare to fully and utterly suspend your disbelief - oh, and if there are any fainters in the audience I beg of you, for your own safety, to leave now, for what I am about to say is shocking and may be hard for the feeble-hearted to bear: I have almost finished seaming my green dress!

Yes, it's taken me all winter. Yes, it's probably not going to get that much wear this year, as I've left my run a bit late. Yes, it's probably going to raise a few eyebrows on the school run. But do you know what? I've made it all by myself, and I'm quite proud of that. I haven't been sucked into the trap of buying what the fashion marketers have decreed I should be buying this season. I haven't purchased something produced in a horrible sweatshop, endorsing such places by handing over my cash. I've opted out, and made something unique and even though it may have taken me quite a while to get it done, it's going to be super snuggly warm, the shade of green will suit me perfectly and it's going to be FRIGGIN AWESOME!

And in a world where global temperature rises are causing record Artic ice melt due to our inability to curb emissions, where child labour is still allowed so we can continue to feed our consumeristic ways and where ruining pristine environments to dig up tar sands that will send us hurtling towards runaway climate change is somehow ok just so we can keep on trucking, I think we need all the thoughtful, considered handmade goodness we can get!

Sorry - got a bit environmental on you all there. I just felt like I myself needed a reminder about why I take the time to makes things, because it's easy to forget why I do things the hard way when there are all these messages telling us to buy, consume, get get get. And then do it all again tomorrow!

Nah. Not me. I'm trying to tread as lightly as I can. And when this darn dress is finished, I'll be treading lightly and warmly. Win win! Although I might leave off riding my bike in this dress - imagine, after all my hard work, if I snagged it or got oil on it? Gah, doesn't bear thinking about.

Ok, pep talk over - back to the seaming! The sooner this dress is done, the sooner I can wear it, and it's going to be so amazing that I'm going to wear it forever. And then when I die, or get fat (whichever comes first) the Tyger is going to take it and wear it. I know this for a fact - she's already claimed dibs on it, along with most of my handmade wardrobe. So take that, disposable fashion!


  1. I can't wait to see a photo of you in this dress, it's a fabulous shade of green!

    I have a scarf that I started about 6+ years ago, and I'm determined that this winter be the winter I finish that scarf (which requires relearning how to knit) and get to wear it!

  2. We'd best hurry up, Bri, if we're to get our things finished - there's only 1.5 days of winter left here!

  3. What a gorgeous green! Like Bri said, I can't wait to see the photo of the finished dress.

    I should re-learn knittin again. I used to love it but didn't have the time to knit in years. *sigh*

  4. Don't worry... I'm sure Melbourne still has plenty of chilly days up her sleeves for us. I LOVE the colour :)

  5. I am on the edge of my seat, waiting to see this dress (sometimes I wonder about the world of blogging - how is that I can be so excited about the creations of those I have not met?) I also know it is going to be friggin awesome!!!

  6. 'tis a thing of green beauty already. and honeychild, you can get environmental on me as often as you please--you are wise and kind and RIGHT, and the best warm&light treader i know.

  7. Knitting a dress (!) is quite a feat; I can't wait to see it seamed up and modelled!

    And, I'm with nic, get environmental as often as you want. We're facing some serious issues that we shouldn't be afraid of informing others about and debating. Especially in your thoughtful and unalienating way.


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