Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ghosts of bad costumes past

Jorth and her brother were reminiscing on the phone recently. "Do you remember", began her brother, "the totally crap costumes we used to get as kids? I remember once, for Book Week, I decided that I wanted to go as a character from The Magic Faraway Tree. I had visions of getting dressed up like Moon-Face or maybe Mr Whatzisname, but somehow it was decided that I should go as The Saucepan Man, so I was trussed up with so many pans and lids and things that I couldn't even sit in my seat properly at school!"

As an afterthought he added "That was a really crap costume."

"Whoa-ho!" said Jorth. "I'll take that and raise you one, dear brother. Remember the concert that we used to have at the school fete? Well, one year my grade was performing some sort of under-the-sea song. All the other kids came as mermaids, and sparkly fish and nifty things like that. I was placed in a garbage bag that had bits of green crepe paper stuck to it, and told to say if anybody asked that I was a piece of seaweed. Seaweed, I beg of you! I think I win when it comes to the crap costume award!"

"Ha!" said her brother, with little disguised mirth. "I do remember that! You looked like a total loser, standing up on stage in your garbage bag!"
"Normally I get quite affronted when you call me a loser" replied Jorth, "but I'll have to agree with you on this one. And that is why I'm going to put in a smidge more effort for the Tyger, even if I'm still hemming seams on the morning of the Book Week parade."

"Thatta girl" said her brother. "But you're still a loser."


Ah, brothers. Doncha love 'em? Anyway, here's a sneak peek - pop back tomorrow for the big reveal!


  1. Oh that fabric is gorgeous ... can't wait to see!

  2. Love the fabric and the hue of the ribbon. Can't wait to see the whole costume!

  3. You'll never guess what my son is dressing as for his Book Parade this week. The saucepan man. His choice. Maybe I'll put some effort in next year.

  4. My son has decided to go as a teenage mutant ninja turtle, which is a little offensive in a literary sense, but I also fear for him sitting down all day trying to be a hero in a half shell. Their schools theme was superheroes... Hmmmm

  5. I love that fabric, I can't wait to see the rest!

    -Ash P

  6. When I was in Grade One, my mother completely forgot it was dress-up day until the morning of, so taped/stapled up some newspaper, cut out a neckhole and armholes, put it over my head and called me "Miss Print" (editor of the local newspaper on Adventure Island, a TV program of the late 60s/early 70s - showing my age here). I was mortified, until I actually one the prize for the best costume.


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