Friday, January 07, 2011

Drape Drape 2 dress for Grumbles

You didn't really think that Grumbles would allow her mum to have a snazzy Drape Drape 2 dress and not get in on the action herself, did you?


The pattern was easy to redraft for Grumble's size - I simply found a singlet pattern in an old copy of Ottobre Magazine, and used it as the foundation. The fabric was left over from making this top. Austerity crafting at its best!

The only downside is that as soon as Grumbles sees me in my Drape Drape dress, she races downstairs and dons hers. And then proceeds to tell every aquaintance that we meet that we're wearing the same dress. It's a tad too matchy-matchy for my liking, but heaven help me - I wouldn't kill her buzz for the world.

Project Details
Pattern: Redrafted Dress #2 from Drape Drape 2, made to fit Grumbles
Fabric: "Original Wally", a cotton blend jersey from Tessuti Fabrics


  1. That is great! Might be tempted by that book now.

  2. Both dresses are so adorable!

  3. How cute. I am not into mummy-daughter matching outfits either but at least it is a different fabric lol.

  4. Grumbles, what a hoot! Love the bias cut for the stripes.

  5. So cute!! Love the choice of fabric for Grumbles. I'll be making one for DD (21 yrs) but won't be wearing it at the same time - you know what I mean!

  6. OH MY GOD! Grumbles, you just became even cuter in my eyes and i didn't think you ever could!

    Hmm, do all the Tessuti daughter need mini Drape Drape dresses?

  7. you are the bestest mum. if i adopt you as my parental figure (nevermind that i'm older), will you make me a drapey dress too?

  8. what a snappy little dresser, she looks gorgeous

  9. That's gorgeous, love the fabric you have choosen too!


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