Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Produce box - nom nom nom!

Vanilla Poached Apricots

This year we have decided to get a weekly organic fruit and veg box delivered. I was soooooo excited when I received it last night. It was better than Christmas! Grumbles and I dove in, excited to see what seasonal produce lay therein.

There was: beetroot, an iceberg lettuce, french beans, mushrooms, broccoli, yellow squash, a bunch of spinach, a bunch of radishes, half a Jap pumpkin, loads of carrots, zucchini, at least a kilo of tomatoes, potatoes, cherries, plums, nectarines, bananas and apricots. What an awesome box!

But what to do with all this treasure? What I needed was a plan - a menu plan. So this morning I armed myself with my favourite recipe books, and came up with this list:

Breakfasts: Grated carrot, sliced tomato and avocado on wholemeal toast; vanilla poached apricots (see pic above) with greek yoghurt; mashed bananas and cinnamon on toast; muesli with fresh fruit; beany stew with cheese on toast.

Lunches: Either leftovers from the previous night, or soup and a salad sandwich. I always have soup in the freezer. At the moment there is curried pea and lettuce or minestrone to choose from. Such a good way to use up those sad veggies left lying around at the end of the week.

Wednesday - Spinach and mushroom crepes with green salad
Thursday - Curried bean and pumpkin veggie burgers, with coleslaw and crunchy potatoes
Friday - Jambalaya with mushrooms, and a garden salad
Saturday - Chilled coconut and carrot soup, followed by eye fillet with roasted oregano tomatoes and beetroot couscous
Sunday - Green bean, potato and carrot tostadas with refried beans and lime sour cream
Monday - Creamy broccoli pasta with garden salad
Tuesday - Zucchini, squash and ricotta filo roll with mashed pumpkin

The only thing that didn't find its way into a recipe are the radishes. Try as I might, I just can't warm to them. However, I have made a pledge to waste as little as possible this year, so I shall do the noble thing and... shove them into the Galumph's lunchbox. Shhhh - don't tell!


  1. Yum!

    As for your radishes, they are yummy, sliced with french butter & salt- you may be surprised...

  2. I was going to suggest the same thing for radishes. And if you need more convincing have a look at Garretts post at Vanilla Garlic about radishes

  3. I love radishes. You could put some of them in the coleslaw for extra crunch. I want to come to your place for breakfast every day!

  4. Yummy, Radishes are my favorite!

  5. slice the radishes and put 'em in the salads. yum!

  6. I'm moving in with you! My place is too crowded anyway ;)

  7. I will be trying the spinach & mushroom crepes tonight!

    I've been trying to arse my boyfriend into planning meals, but we sort of are failing miserably at it. What with the possibility of my being unemployed soon, I think it will help to get organized. It'll save us time and money!

  8. We also get an organic mixed box weekly too. At first it was the convenience of not having to go to the supermarket but also we now get excited with 'what's in there'!!

    Who do you use for your organic box?

  9. Nadine11:29 am

    Just found your blog and I spent most of the day reading it! It's so inspirational ... thank you!!

  10. My husband keeps planting radishes because they're so easy to grow, but rarely do they make it to a salad - they go to seed so quickly too!

    I do enjoy the fruit and vegie box, must get back into that. You've inspired me!

  11. Just found this recipe and thought of you :-)

  12. What a great menu plan! I don't suppose you can share the recipe for the poached apricots?


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