Friday, January 21, 2011

The "Well Read" Striped Singlet




Project Details
Pattern: Self drafted singlet top
Fabric: 80cm of "Candy's Cane" jersey from Tessuti Fabrics

I wanted a nice easy summery singlet to wear for those awful sticky days where it's just too darn hot to even think about what you want to wear. I'm thinking this little self-drafted number fits the bill nicely!

I loosely based the shape on my pj top (shhh! don't tell!) but added the 'go faster' stripes on the side to give the top a tad more niftyness. I think it works in rather well with the striped bias neck binding, and elevates it from 'plain old singlet top' to something a little more special.
The only thing I would change for next time is to make the armholes slightly lower. Just a cm or 2, but I think it will make it that little bit more comfortable. What do you guys think?

Note: pics taken by myself and Grumbles in the State Library of Victoria. Love that domed reading room!


  1. I think the singlet is super snazzy.... How did you do the neck binding?

  2. well, i think it looks pretty darn perfect!!
    love the racing stripe down the side - gorgeous. :)

  3. looks fabo - those extra details just make it. And I reckon the armholes look fine!

    Great pics too - and it looks like you had the place all to yourselves.

  4. pj's never looked so good. The neck and sides make it. Looks great on you.

  5. Love it! The arm holes look fine, but I can understand why you'd want to lower them too. :)

  6. Looks fantastic! The fabric is perfect and I do love those racing stripes. Great photos too!

  7. gorgeous!
    The armholes look fine but perhaps don't feel fine?

  8. Do your 'go faster stripes' make you read faster? :P

  9. clever side stripe!

  10. Jorth - question - what did you use to calculate your neckline and armcycle binding?

    P.S.) What happened to my previous post? Damn I must have lost it - great singlet top, cool side stripes.

  11. what do i think? i think you are a genius. with the body of a greek goddess. in the most amazing library. (not that i'm having envy issues or anything...)

  12. I love it, you're very clever!! I want one for me too! :)

  13. The bias neckline and the side stripe elevate this little shirty to the height of sweet design. Most important, it looks terrific on you.

  14. Again with the smart design idea. Love your stripes.


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