Monday, May 18, 2009


On the weekend I had the great pleasure of popping into Tessuti Fabrics. Fellow Melburnians, I have only one thing to say to you: Drop everything (except, of course, newborn babies) and get your running shoes on and head on over there! The fabric/ribbon/button ranges are to die for! So many gorgeous, exquisite fabrics and textiles, all in one beautiful light filled space. Luckily our credit card has a limit, because I could have bought up the whole gosh darn store!

Not only did I get to swoon over the fabric range, but I also had the great fortune to meet Collete herself, who founded the stores, on her last day in Melbourne before she headed back to Sydney. She's so lovely, as is Lisa, who's helming the Melbourne store. I'm so pleased that we have a Tessuti now in Melbourne - we really needed something like this, and the city location is fabulous.

And to add the cherry onto an already practically indescribable cake, the super sweet and knowledgeable Nicola works there, too. It's fabric heaven! I took a little piece of it home myself: a lovely vintage-style spotted linen. I'd take a photo, but it's too dark inside my gloomy abode at this time of day, so you get a picture of Grumbles and her feet instead (just in case you were wondering!). I'm thinking I'll make it up in a vintage pattern, and even just looking at the fabric now is making my hand itch to get out the scissors and start cutting away.

Welcome to Melbourne, Tessuti - I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of each other!

Tessuti Melbourne
Ground Floor, 141 Flinders Lane
Ph: 03 9654 4566

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  1. Its a paradise, isn't it? I have had made the first of, what I am sure will be, many purchases there!


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