Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've been tagged for an Awe-Summm blog award by the three spiffy ladies of Ink & Spindle. Woo hoo! Thanks, girls! Getting this made my already goofy grin get that little bit bigger.

So the drill is thus: I have to list 7 things that make me awesome (what, a mere 7?!!) and then tag 7 other blogs that I think are equally awesome. Rightio:

1 - I sing out loud when doing the dishes when it's just Grumbles and myself at home, and then sometimes make up ultra cool film clips in my head. I may at some stage also indulge in some dancing. If that's not freaking ace then I don't know what is.

2 - I've read The Iliad. Twice. Hmmm, is that awesome or just plain bloody nerdy? I'll leave it up to you to decide.

3 - I taught myself to knit using the Internet. I am one with the technology, dudes!

4 - When I was growing up my siblings and I used to play "Cow Pat Frisbee". Let me tell you from experience that the key is to picking up a truly dry cow pat to toss, rather than the ones that look dry but only have a crusty top. I'm reminded of this because at the Dan O'Connell on St Patrick's Day this year I got some sauce on my fingers. As I chatted to my best bud, I bent down, grabbed a hunk of grass and wiped my fingers clean on it, burbling away the entire time, just as I used to do when I got cow dirt on myself. My friend shook her head and said "You know, Jorthy, I often forget that you grew up in the country - but this isn't one of those times!"

Cow dirt on fingers + knowledge of how to clean it off when miles from a tap = country style awesome!

5 - I am up to my 12th year of being TV-free. That makes me incredibly awesome, but sadly lacking in pop culture references.

6 - I've been waving to Vince Colosimo for a couple of years now, thinking I knew his familiar face from Story Time at the local library, and not because his mug is famous. We've even got to the pat-on-arm-hey-mate-how-ya-going-stage. Actually, that's not awesome, it's just SAD.

But do you know what's even sadder? He often does it first, and has been known to do that weird make-your-fingers-like-a-gun-and-then-click-your-tongue-thing at me before I've even registered his presence.

7 - I've made my own jeans! Which I'd completely forgotten about until one of my fellow kinder mums realised she read my blog, and got all excited about meeting me and then blurted the jeans fact to the entire playground. Hee hee, I felt kinda like a rock star. One with ultra cool jeans!

Now for the 7 blogs that I think are awesome (drum roll, please):

Karen Cheng



Red Felt Flower

Nicole Owens

Hygge House


All very inspiring ladies. Go check 'em out!


  1. OMG! I totally hear you about the cow pat frisbee. My brothers and I used to rock paper scissors for who had to pick up one that looked slightly dodgy... good times..
    And about the grass thing. Aren't city-folk odd?

  2. Hey! Thanks - Your 7 things are great. I am going to have to ponder on this one for a while. xx

  3. Anonymous2:36 pm

    nice work Jorth.
    not surprised about Vince and the hand pistol - he seems like a click/handpistol kind of guy. lock up your daughters...

  4. hee hee, what a treat! thanks liesl, you've made me feel a tiny bit cool {i'm so not cool!} i'll have to ponder this one too, have a lovely weekend, sarah xxx

  5. Who, me?? Awww, thanks Liesl! You made my day :) And look at your list, you awe-summ thing, you!

  6. lol. Vince Colosimo is hot!

  7. you are far too kind, but i'll take it. :)

    me too with the mental film clips (starring moi, bien sûr), and the cow pat frisbee tip is priceless.

    also, methinks i shall have to visit you so that you can maybe introduce me to vince. lucky girl.


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