Friday, May 15, 2009

She's a brick and she's knitting slowly...

I was riffling through my cupboard the other day when I came across my yarn stash. Let me tell you frankly: I was absolutely aghast at how massive it is. I swear it wasn't that big last time I looked. Perhaps the stash was mating with dust bunnies and spawning random balls of wool, because some of those balls I didn't even recognise, let alone recollect purchasing.

Truly, the situation is dire. So I've decided that for every project knitted with lovely new wool, another project must come directly from the stash. Otherwise I won't be able to close the cupboard door! Besides, in this time of Global Financial Crisis it's best to use what one has, ja? Like the scarf above, which is being made with Jo Sharp DK Pure Wool in Brick. Heaven's knows what project I originally intended that for, but it's been lurking around for years, and must be knitted up.

And yes, I know it looks like a dishcloth at the moment, but trust me - a scarf it shall become. In Brick, for somebody who is a brick. Now, that's a term one doesn't hear enough of. I would love for somebody to come along and punch me affectionately on the arm and say "You know, Jorthy, you're a real brick!". "Yes!", I would beam in return. "I am a generous and loyal person. You're quite the brick yourself for telling me so. Fancy a scarf? I've some lovely yarn stashed away!"

Edited: I've just looked up brick using and am utterly delighted to discover that the following phrase is slang for being drunk: To have a brick in one's hat. Brilliant! So totally using that at the next party I attend! I can see myself now, inconspicuously leaning in to the hostess and whispering in her ear that she'd best mind old Tom, for he's got a brick in his hat, and then moving away with a knowing glance in Tom's direction. Ahh, happy days!


  1. Well hello stranger! It's been a while but no matter how long i have to wait in between your posts i always laugh out loud when they come along, worth the wait :)

  2. Oooh, I haven't heard that expression for ages. You're a brick is so Mallory Towers ... I love it. Almost as much as I love that colour.

  3. I am de-lurking after years... YEARS for chrissakes! to tell you that on those days when I'm seriously thinking of selling at least two of my kids, and life is a revolving door of mashed-banana-in-hair and puke-on-shoulder cleaning, your blog is a bucket of love and gorgeousness, and inspiration..and I hate bandying that word to and fro.
    It's great to have met you, and even more fabulous to see that we are both the spitting image of Rachel Weisz! (Where's my nearest Body Dismorphia Anonymous meeting?)
    Big thanks and massive bowls of chicken soup to you..Helen (George, Lola and Max's ma)

  4. So not so much Ben Folds Five then ?

    Shes a brick and Im drowning
    Off the coast and Im headed


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