Monday, May 26, 2008

Rosy cheeks and so much more make life very good indeed

Almost a year ago (only two days over, actually!) the always inspiring Jane was pondering her own 'small pleasantnesses' - the little joys in one's life. Whenever I chance upon one of my own, I always remember that blog post, and spend a few minutes happily thinking of them: bamboo knitting needles, really good hot chocolate, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, birch trees with leaves turning red, warm summer days filled with the scent of freshly mown grass, sitting in a darkened cinema, the shadows of trees on my bedroom wall, putting flowers in old milk bottles, passionfruit spiders, reading Anne in bed on a cold wintry afternoon, watching girls in cute dresses riding bikes, orange flavoured dark chocolate and getting on down to cheesy pop music in the comfort and privacy of my loungeroom.

Oh, and getting Grumbles up from her nap and giving each warm rosy cheek a wee little kiss.

What are your small joys?


  1. I *love* passionfruit spiders! And Fanta ones too! Years ago I picked up an old hardcover almost-a-set of Anne of GG books at a fete, have read them more than a few times.....
    Thanks for sharing your special list.

  2. LOL..I think I have a complete LM Montgomery that, I mean, Anne, Emily, Pat, Jane, The Story Girl, all the Chronicles, all the short stories....I think I was hyperventilating as I yanked them off the St Vinnies shelves, lol.

    My small joys...

    Standing in my backyard, looking at the green, listening to the silence, and the water running in the ancient storm drain behind the fence.

    My fuzzy socks, ugly as sin, but the only things that get my feet through a cold winter.

    Twilight. Always.

    Walking into my very own sewing room, and realizing it is MINE.

    Good toast.

    A good book.

    Late at night, when everyone is asleep, and there will no more requests for just one more thing, and just one more thing.

    Snuggling my bubbies, and smooching them...even though they are as big as, and even bigger, than me.

  3. molly holding my face and telling me she loves me.
    big hugs from my man
    crisp unread magazine
    good coffee
    walking along the beach
    justine x


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