Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Waste not, want not

Petrol prices going through the roof? Check.
Wages going up? Dude, don't make me laugh!
Of late I've been realising that our household budget only has so much give left in it, yet I'm also faced with the undeniable fact that Grumbles was still in dire need of winter clothes. Apart from her two tops and two pairs of jeans, everything else was bought/made two years ago, and hence are all sitting mid-calf and above her wrist. This is not only a very unfashionable look, but a rather chilly one.
So I put on my thinking cap, assembled all my scraps and got to work. Ta da!
(Scraps from here and here respectively)

Project specs
Ottobre Design Magazine, 4/2007, design #17
Fabric: Left over denim, left over Amy Butler cotton print
Notions: 8 buttons, found in stash


  1. Nice job Ms Resourceful!! :)

  2. Very cute and a great job with the sewing. My best creations always seem to come out of desparation!! Usually to do with last minute food preparation - no food in the house, too lazy to go to the store...and voila, something appears out of nothing or out of very little.

  3. Anonymous1:56 pm

    What a cutie pie!!! She is ADORABLE and so is her new jumper!!! Great job!!!

  4. Wow, that is great! I'm heading out to look through a pile of Ottobres.

  5. You doublely clever - to be such a good sewer and to be the mother of such a gorgoeus girl.

  6. Sensational! Really, that's a fabulous outfit.

  7. Gorgeous J. I remember that my Mum (who also made a lot of our clothes), always found ways of extending sleeves, adding fabric, letting down hems (the later for me had ric rac added to the old hem marks left on the fabric). Money was tight then as it seems now, for many of us. We never used to 'throw away', until we had really and truely worn things out.


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