Friday, May 02, 2008

Get cracking

Time to crack the whip. So far these jeans (admittedly I am making two pairs, a la production line style) have taken me 6 days, and I'm only just putting on the yokes. That means the fly fronts and waistbands - notorious amongst sewing circles as being the most fiendish to do and do well - still have to be done.

However, like a scandal-tainted harpy with her eye on the biggest prize, I am determined to get these done by the end of the week. I'm officially making getting these done the happening thing.


PS Nifty pocket, hey?!


  1. P.S. I am particularly taken by the way my comments get translated into Australian time, thus giving the gratifying impression that I actually get up at 6am.

  2. *loooove* the pocket detail!

  3. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Yes, the pocket detail is tres nifty. I still can't believe you make your own jeans. I am looking forward to your vintage dress pattern becoming reality. Those patterns are such a blast from the past. My mother and I used to pull up a stool at the pattern counter in our hometown Penney's department store and seriously review all the pattern books (Simplicity, Buttericks, McCalls and oo la la Vogue) for likely projects. Those illustrations of tiny-waisted, long-legged ladies wearing the designs oh so elegantly were impossible to resist.

  4. Anonymous10:14 pm

    looking farward to seeing the end result. what pattern are you using and have you had to make many alterations to it. i have not had much luck in getting jeans to fit .

  5. You are so clever!! Can't wait to see them finished.

  6. Tag! You're it. See my blog.

  7. Anonymous3:29 am

    Those are amazing. Just look at that perfect stitching!


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