Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Miss Pettigrew Lives, I tells ya, lives!

Last Tuesday the Galumph and I had a date night, and trotted off to see Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, and had a marvellous time. The movie was exactly my sort of flick: gorgeous costumes, wry humour, toe-tapping soundtrack, with a sweet ending.

So desperate was I to see this movie that I also entered a competition to win two tickets to it. Of course, a mere week after paying to see it, I won the bloody tickets. Oh, the irony! I never get to the flicks, and then when I finally get to see one, I also win tickets for it after the event.

So that's where you come in. Lucky sods! Leave a comment, telling me why you deserve the tixs, and you might be lucky enough to find them in your hot little hands. Take your partner/best friend/favourite cat! The tickets are valid at all participating cinemas within Australia (sorry everybody else).

What are you waiting for? I'll post the winner on Thursday, so chop, chop. Comment away!


  1. Here we go, a few reasons I deserve to win:

    - I am reading your blog instead of working and getting all excited at the idea of enjoying a happy & free movie experience

    - I am going to make you famous as the genius mastermind behind my two completed knitting projects (2! yay!)

    - I live around the corner, you won't even have to post the tickets !

    Every one deserves a chance, good luck everyone!

  2. I actually don't deserve to win, but want to! Isn't that the way life works?
    I'm a lurker, and I also should be working, plus Justine says you and your blog rocks, so sucking up should also give me some points.
    I'm off now to look at vintage patterns, gawddamnit.

  3. Ack! Why do I deserve to win?? I have no idea. But I WANT to win, though!!! And you are in Australia which never happens, lol!

    Glad to hear the movie lives up to expectations...I only heard about it the other week, but I am DYING to see it! :D

  4. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Well, My husband & I are long overdue for a date night - we even have babysitters, just no cash at the moment - therefore free tickets to the movies would be very welcome!Siobhan.

  5. Given that I am sitting reading blogs when I should be folding the mountain of washing that grows in the corner of the living room, or cleaning out the cat's litter tray, or washing the floor, I probably don't deserve to win.
    But, I would like to!

  6. Anonymous2:18 am

    The tix won't do me any good but the review makes me want to see it even more.

  7. I don't need the tickets, but having read the book, I was hoping the film was good too. On your recommendation I shall drag The Bear to see it on our weekly date night!
    Thankyou J.


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