Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Doing the photo thang

Firstly, thanks everybody for your good sleep suggestions. Breaking the caffeine habit will be the hardest, I suspect. Such a vicious circle: can't sleep, feel tired during day, have a coffee, too much caffeine, can't sleep and on and on we go. So no more coffee after 11, as suggested by Jo. Also, a good pal told me about the breathing she learnt during her hypno-birthing classes, so each night you'll find me lying in a relaxed position in bed, working that tummy up and down as I breath in correctly. Or so the theory goes.

But really, you don't stop by my little neck of the woods to listen to me blather on about my sleep problems. You're after madcap adventures! Crazy schemes! What new adventure is that loony Jorth embarking upon now? Well, I think I might just enrol myself in a photography course. Stop the old brain from rusting, etc etc. Plus I like to be really good at things I do regularly, like sewing and knitting and now taking photos. So that's the big plan for next year. Photocity, here I come!


  1. I don't do coffee after 11am. Every now and then I find myself 'being polite', and I pay, oh, do I pay for it ...

    "No-Doze" caffiene tablets at Uni worked in the same way - strung me out, helped me not. Ugh.

    So you're talking about not resting, and yet you never seem to rest .... ;p

  2. H&B, I am the master when it comes to not resting. Simply have no idea how to do it!

    Drives Mr Jorth crazy.

  3. Found your blog via Frogdancer.

    I was up to 20 cups of coffee a day last year. Not good, was starting to induce panic attacks and stuff just because of the sheer amount of caffine. Cut back to below 10 most days now.

    No coffee after midday. I drink decafe instead, but you have to go with the expensive stuff to make it platable. Moconna works okay for me - plus it comes in those great glass bottles which I can recycle to hold food or gifts or other bits. I love Moconna bottles.

    But yeah go with the expensive brand decafe if you are going to do decafe.

    As for sleep, I've recently improved from 4 hours a night to usually 6, sometimes 8. I find an early dinner helps so my tummy is settled by bedtime. Stitching in the evenings calms me down - and I can sit down and not feel guilty because I am doing something.

    Also getting my children to sleep and stay in bed so I wasn't worried about them and then not sleeping because of it.

    And finally a shout out for earplugs. Silence is indeed golden.


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