Thursday, December 06, 2007

Who are the nutters in your neighbourhood?

Grumbles is going through her 'whhhhhyyyyyyyyy?' stage. It was slow to start, and for a few blessed moments I thought that we might have escaped it, but alas, no. It's taken off with a vengeance! I wouldn't mind so much if she actually listened to my answers, but she doesn't, and it's driving me BARMY.

So I began, at the end of the question thread, when no more possible answers were possible, to say in my best Grover-on-speed voice "Because I say sooooooooooo!"

And I've completely and utterly created a rod for my own back, because all she wants to do now is make Mum do that crazy voice, so it's all "Why? Why? WHY?" But who could blame her? It's highly entertaining, especially when I team it with a mad muppet run and up and down the hallway, bellowing "Because I say soooooooo! I'm the Mum, and I know best! GAAAAA-RAAAAAAHHH!". Sometimes she laughs so hard she has to lie down in order to recover.

In other thrilling news, I'm going on a date tonight. Eeeeeeeee! It's been so long since I've done one of those that I'm no longer sure what to do. Any suggestions, o peoples of the internet, for a night out in old Melbourne town that costs less than $50?

Holy schmoly! I should probably point out I'm going on a date with my husband. Phew! Just imagine that kerfuffle I might have caused if I didn't clarify that!


  1. Always remember the golden rule - don't do something funny once if you aren't prepared to do it 50 times more on demand.
    My 4yo has just gone through the "but why's". Would love to be able to offer advice on ways to break it. I have none...

  2. yay! you DID plan a date night! =) it is sometimes so hard to stick to, but we've definitely found it worth it to really try once a month!


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