Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Things I am loving

- The above rather spiffy Jorth fambly portrait, done by the awesomely talented Aunty Cookie. Cheers, Shannon!

- The fact that the parcel containing a Marimekko fabric dress for her wee little one plus a little something for Shannon finally arrived, although it took it's sweet time about it, and had me in constant conniptions in regard to it's whereabouts. Phew.

- This biscuit recipe. Yum-o-rama!

- That Grumbles has declared that for Christmas she would like a beard. So I knitted her one. Mo ho ho!


  1. I hope she doesn't want to *grow up* to be a beard ... although I suppose Tom Cruise will be back on the market by then....

    Noice portrait !

  2. I think you may have found a gap in the market here. Knitted beards for all occaisions!

  3. I love the portrait - 'our family in the vege patch'. And what an interesting request for Christmas - so funny.


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