Monday, January 23, 2006

The tragic life I lead

Tragedy #1 - I've run out of yarn for my Ruski! The horror! One measly ball short. That'll teach me to not calculate the amount I need correctly when substituting. Thankfully the wonderful world of internet wool ordering came to rescue, and I should have another ball arriving tomorrow.

(The worst of it is that we'd already made an emergency dash to the wool shop, and silly me didn't stock up enough. Nitwit.)

Tragedy #2 - Our camera and computer are no longer friends. The computer completely failed to recognised the 'device' (device? I don't think that would be the computer's pet name, now do you?) and even Master Computer Nerd Fixer Upper Galumph couldn't figure it out. I don't know how this blog will survive without it's pixel fixes. I'm going to have to dive into our stash of approximately 6,857 images (gulp!) to bring you this...

...which leads us to:

Tragedy # 3 - It's going to be 40C again on Australia Day. Note the use of the word again. I'm not really a heat loving bunny (or should that be lizard?) at the best of times, but 40 is just beyond a joke. Oh, to be hanging down at the lovely wind-swept coast, instead of melting in the stuffy city with no chance of a breeze at all.


  1. Oh the horrors :( Email me and I'll send you some lovely icicle pictures :)

  2. have had some tragic weather!! Hope it cools down soon for you. Though we have gone from heatwave to jumpers and doonas in less than 24 hours!!!

  3. What a great photo! You say 40C and all I can think about is melting... Please, don't be impressed until you see some actual goods :) I'm still spinning the yarn! Eesh. I am a s-l-o-w yarn maker. By the way, thanks for checking on my blog, it makes me happy!


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