Monday, January 09, 2006

Bowing down before the Kiddy Silky Hazey goodness

It would appear that this blog has become nothing short of a temple of worship to Kidsilk Haze, as it's all I seem to knit with of late. The latest? This hot little Ruski inspired number:

Confession: I have already made one of these (in the original Phildar Aurore, shade purple), but I really wanted a black one. Since Aurore has been discontinued, what's a girl to do but turn to the trusty ol' KSH?

I am loving this project. It's from the Phildar Tendances Hiver 02/03 magazine (so I'm a little behind the times, give me a break!) and it's zooming away on 4.5mm bamboos. I've got about 10 more rows left on the front, the back is already sitting pretty in my knitting bag and I have a date with sleeve number one right now. Soon I'll be swarthed in Ruski goodness, which is really a tops thing to do in the 35C heat we're having now.

(Behind the times AND incapable of doing any weather appropriate knitting)

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  1. Come visit us up here in the snow.. you'll have plenty of opportunity to wear it..or just send it to me.
    hee hee.. :)


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