Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Olympic event

Announcing my project for the first ever 2006 Winter Knitting Olympics. Drum roll please....

Hello bobbley cardigan! I have wanted to make this for the longest time, but had difficulty finding a decent yarn substitute (trust me, I tried). But then my eyes lit upon the Rowan Big Wool, and I knew the time had come. So really, I've already been in training for about three years now!

Project specs: Bobbley cardigan from Phildar Tendances Hiver 02/03 using Rowan Big Wool and 11mm (!) needles. It will be like knitting with a couple of tree trunks. If that isn't enough of a challenge, then I don't know what is!

The other challenge components of this knit are:

1 - Using the chart. En francais!

2 - Bobbles. I feel some trepidation in relation to this. However, this is the Olympics. I shall come home with gold, I swear.

3 - Bobbles AND a chart? Take deep, deep breaths. Just focus on the track in front. Forget the roaring crowds. It can be done.

4 - Knitting with all that Big Wool in an Australian summer. Forecast for the next few days (in Celcius): 35, 35, 33, 41. Yikes. I think this anecdote best illustrates how blipping mad I am: when I bought the wool the other week, the lovely lady in the wool shop laughed at my choice. Says it all, really.

Bring on the Games, people!


  1. Yay! I can cheer for you! I signed up too, but my projects are more mundane...socks, all unfinished projects, & etc. A challenge, but nothing as cool looking as the bobbley cardigan!

  2. Anonymous8:40 am

    Awesome! Another competitor!
    Best of luck, you've picked a great challenge!

  3. Good Luck...I will be supporting you. No I am not entering...not that clever.

    What colour are you making will look stunning!!!

  4. Thanks, everybody!

    Shellyc - black, of course! It's la couleur de jour around here at the moment.

  5. Oh my gosh! I'm impressed!

  6. When I read your comment, I realized that you were the one who inspired me to make something with a bit of pizzaz (sp?). Thanks!

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  8. I was wondering whether you still had the Phildar Tendances Winter 02/03. I'm desparate to find a copy to knit the side to side cable sweater, but can't get hold of a copy in the UK. I've searched far and wide for this, in French or English. Would you consider scanning me a copy, or selling me your old magazine, or directing me to somewhere that sells archive copy online? I did try to look on the official Phildar website, but no luck!
    Many thanks Cat


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