Monday, January 16, 2006

This little piggy went to market...

Actually, it was the wool shop. Or rather two wool shops. Ahem. And look what she came out with!

The bounty? Eight balls of Rowan Big Wool in black, ten balls of Heirloom Easy Care 100% wool (8 ply), one pair of size 12 (!) needles and a pair of 4.5mm bamboo circs. Quite enough to keep me busy, I should say.

Actually, it's interesting to note that these projects will be the third and fourth numbers in a row that I've knitted which will be black. Normally it's a colour (ok, a tone for you purists out there) that doesn't feature much in my wardrobe at all, besides the standard pair of black pants, and here I am knitting in noir like crazy. I'm sure, that if I really wanted, I could extrapolate something very deep in all that, but bleugh! I can't be bothered!


  1. Can't wait to see what you create with it! Are you keeping up with your New year's resolution?

  2. I responded to your comment in my comments section and then thought, isn't it more appropriate to reply to Jorth in her very own blog? Thanks for the reassurance re: first project=sweater. I'll defintely keep the blog posted. I'm off to knitting night, Tickity Tonk!

  3. Ah those wool shops are dangerous. I have not found any in my new location and my husband is feeling relieved.

    (But have you discovered Bendigo Knitting Mills? They carry beautiful quality, simple honest yarns at very good prices, and they do mail order!)

    PS. Love your resolution of 10 rows a day. That's a great idea, one that I might pinch.

  4. Pinch away!

    Yes, I do know of Bendigo. Wool from the next projects will definitely be coming from there. I love the fact you can get the yarns in all the different plys. Heaven!

  5. Oh, and Erica I am keeping my resolution! Stumbled a bit on Saturday (thanks to all that cooking!) but made up for it on Monday ;-)


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