Friday, December 16, 2005

What's been going down?

Indeed - what has been happening? Well...

- I got some snazzy wool from Marta's Yarns, which have, incidentally, opened a new shop in the city. The colours and textures are fabulous, but I have absolutely no idea as to what I shall make with them. My guess, sadly, is scarves. Again.

- Grumbles is now the proud owner of another two pairs of shorts, this time red and yellow, with elasticised pockets at the front. These pockets may have been a slight design mistake on my part as, instead of looking tres funky, merely looks like her parents keep putting her shorts on backwards. We live and we learn.

- The Kidsilk Haze ruffly scarf is coming along nicely, if not slowly. It's funny - I love how it's looking, but am finding it completely hard to get motivated. Which brings me too...

- I am officially out of Christmas cheer. I don't know why, and I don't know what happened - usually Christmas is my favourite time of year, and I drive everybody else around me barmy by blabbing on about it - but this year it just feels like one big headache. It also feels like the meaning has completely gone out of it. Thank goodness for Oxfam Unwrapped.

- I am somewhat in the grumps. For this I am blaming (1) my phantom period; (2) the fact that I still have a gazillion things left to do on my Christmas list, and am no nearer to finishing any of them; and (3) the dot point above.

- My front garden has roses. Well, had roses. Now a pint glass in the dining area has roses. And wool as companions.


  1. Anonymous12:04 am

    No Christmas cheer? Boo! Have you forgotten:
    The Office Christmas special?
    Six White Boomers?
    Must I go on?

  2. Exquisite rose and wool colours. Yummo.

  3. I love the roses..amazing!!
    ..for knitting inspiration you must check out the knitted booklet of critters from jess hutch..sure to break anyone out of a scarf slump..worked for me.
    Sending tons of christmas cheer to you!!!!


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